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SPLIT features the patented 104-card SPLIT deck of cards.

SPLIT card 'halves' are placed one above/below the other to create 'whole' cards. Make a match and you can place a chip or chips onto the game board. The first player or team to 'split the board' by connecting any one side of the game board to its opposite side with game chips, WINS!

SPLIT is a great game of strategy that will have you outsmarting, blocking and driving your opponent to the brink.

Note - the SPLIT cards can also be used like a regular deck of playing cards. You can separate the cards into two decks.

Components –
Game Board, Patented 104-card SPLIT Deck, Game Chips

Playing time -
2-3 or 4-6 (teams of 2) players (30-60 minutes)

Ages 13+, 2-6 Players

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